Professional photos

Rafe was lucky enough to be offered a baby photo shoot from Emma’s Diary. We were very excited when it came through the post as Ava had a professional photo shoot done when she was newborn, and I wanted the same for Rafe. The photo shoot was worth £145 and with that you got a free print and entry into baby of the month competition. We went along and met Wayne at Life Photographic studio, and he was great. Ava was not on her best behaviour but he busied her with setting up the photo shoots – she loved it. We got some absolutely beautiful photos of Rafe, and my favourites are the ones of Ava and Rafe together. Wayne kindly let her jump in for a few shots. Wayne is a quirky and fun photographer at heart, but is very talented at traditional too if this is what you prefer – he does weddings too!

Emma’s diary – thank you to you too! Being a mum is expensive, so being given such a generous gift that we can cherish forever is amazing. For those of you who haven’t heard of Emma’s diary – they are so helpful to pregnant and new mums. They offer advice, ideas, support and generous gifts, including a mum and baby starter gift pack to help you in the first few days.

See our YouTube PARENT REVIEW of Emma’s Diary photography gift and our day at Life Photographic Studios HERE.

Wayne at Life Photographic Studio’s contact details are: 26 Stoney Street, The Lace Market, Nottingham, UK. 0115 959 9600. Check them out on Facebook @lifephotographicstudio