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Hi, welcome to our blog.

My name is Jamie, and along with my husband, Geoff, and our two children Ava (3) and Rafe (7 months) (March 2019), we write this blog all about our lives. We also live with our disobedient yet very loving cat, Zak, and the reason I hoover most days, our gorgeous long-haired cat, Millie.

Toddler selfie

I have thought about starting this blog since Ava was born, but the overwhelming feeling of having a new born as a first time mum took over. So, with the birth of our second baby and some idea of what we are doing this time round, I started this blog in January 2019. Parenthood is a laugh a minute (hysterical laughs!) and I wanted to write it down, if only to remember it all.

As Jermaine Jackson once sang (or so Google tells me), let’s get serious. Parenting is bloody hard work! We think we’ve whacked one of the moles back down and another pops up (I’m hoping you’ve heard of the Whack-A-Mole arcade game otherwise you’re thinking I’m crazy right now). Throughout my blogs, I attempt to put a light-hearted spin on all things parenting in hope to show you that you are not alone and we’ve all been there/we’re all going through it. Let’s be honest, all toddlers are the devil in disguise, and all cute, gurgling babies are going to be toddlers in no time at all, and both are going to be teenagers one day, so we need all the help and support we can get!

I also decided. when starting my blogging journey, to think about what I would have liked as a new mum. Yes, a blog pointing out just how funny (in an hysterical, manic laughter sort of way) this parenting malarkey is would have made me feel safe in the knowledge that if I am worrying about being a good parent, then I am one, and that every other parent is in the same boat as me. But, also a blog with a ‘been there, done it, trialled it, failed at it, changed it’ attitude would also have been so very useful. All the how-to baby classes in the world can’t match an honest account from someone who has done it, who is right in the middle of it even. So alongside my funny posts I have a few posts that will hopefully help you on your parenting journey. Although I am not a medical professional, nor a qualified sleep trainer, nutritionist, etc. etc., I would like to share my knowledge that comes from my BSc Psychology degree, including child psychology and my career as a teacher (and my husband, Geoff’s), but most of all, the knowledge of being right here with you with a toddler and baby and the learning that comes from each day of being a parent.

On the note of our toddler and baby, my blogs are not just written by me and my point of view, as this blogging journey involves us all, so this blog is written from mine and Geoff’s point of view as well as Ava and Rafe’s –  it’s them versus us!

My little monsters

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Lots of love

Jamie, Geoff, Ava and Rafe xxxx