DESTINATION REVIEW: Bumps, Babies and Beyond Baby and Toddler show: Our Review of the Peterborough, East of England event.

Bumps, Babies and Beyond Baby and Toddler Event: our review
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Bumps, Babies and Beyond Baby and Toddler show

Bumps, Babies and Beyond events logo
Bumps, Babies and Beyond events logo
Courtesy of Bumps, Babies and Beyond events


We were excited to attend and blog about a ‘Bumps, Babies and Beyond’ event, as since their establishment in 2014, they have steadily grown to become the UK’s largest organiser of regional baby and toddler shows and have won numerous awards for their outstanding events.

Award logos courtesy of

Given that I am a cricket widow for half of the year and a football widow for the rest, Sunday March 24th was the day we choose to use our gifted tickets to the ‘Bumps, Babies and Beyond’ baby show in Peterborough, at the East of England arena, as on Saturdays, Geoff is very much not available!

We explained to Ava that I would be working at the event but that the website suggests there would be a lot for her to take part in, so she was excited to go. We hopped in the car ready for our hour journey from Nottingham to Peterborough (I say hopped, we packed the car with half the house as you do when you go anywhere with kids, but we were eventually ready to go).

Arriving at the Bumps, Babies and Beyond show

Upon arrival at the East of England Arena in Peterborough, we got a little lost because the Satnav didn’t like the postcode and tried sending us to a locked gated entrance, but with a quick Google, we discovered we were meant to be at the other entrance, so off we went. The car park was vast, so plenty of parking and lots of space to get babies and pushchairs out of the car.

Bumps, Babies, and Beyond Baby and Toddler Show: Peterborough East of England Arena

Peterborough East of England Arena

There was a strategically placed ice cream van outside the venue, and given that it was an unseasonably hot day, this was very much welcome; although Ava doesn’t like ice cream (weirdo!)

Inside we were greeted by the event staff and given our goody bags (one per adult ticket). We asked to speak to Michelle Jay, the Managing Director of Bumps, Babies and Beyond Events, who we had liaised with prior to the show. She was manning the Bumps, Babies and Beyond stall in one of the rooms. It was the first time we’d met, so we said our hellos and looked at the beautiful clothes and accessories that were being showcased.

Goody bags at the Peterborough East of England ‘Bumps, Babies and Beyond’ baby event

For each adult ticket, everyone received a goody bag filled with vouchers, helpful information and helpful baby items, such as:

  • What’s on timetable for the show
  • Colour catcher information leaflet and voucher and sample
  • Ella’s kitchen sample, information leaflet and voucher
  • PG Tips information leaflet and voucher
  • Little Yeos information leaflet and voucher
  • Fairy Non Bio information leaflet and voucher
  • Spatone liquid iron sample, information leaflet and voucher
  • Barley Cup sample
  • Co Lactose information leaflet
  • Water Babies information leaflet
  • Kendamil information leaflet
  • Comfort and Persil samples with information leaflet and voucher
  • Babease baby food sample
  • Fairy sample
  • Tommee Tippee bottle and information leaflet
  • Matanium barrier ointment sample
Bump, Babies and Beyond goody bag
Bump, Babies and Beyond goody bag

Businesses at the Peterborough East of England ‘Bumps, Babies and Beyond’ baby event

At first, Ava and Rafe helped (the cute factor is always a great conversation starter) but Ava soon spotted the activities she could do and off she went with Geoff. Rafe stuck with me (although he had no choice as he was in the carrier) and we met some lovely people with amazing businesses. Some of the stalls were nationwide/international businesses, some were local to Peterborough and the surrounding area and some were nationwide franchises but the Peterborough and surrounding areas were being represented at the show.

Some of the businesses had a particular paragraph that they wanted included on the blog and some asked that we take the information from their website and/or leaflet. Therefore, I have made it clear where the information is from as well as writing opinions from our points of view.

Sponsors at the Peterborough East of England ‘Bumps, Babies and Beyond’ baby event

The Peterborough ‘Bumps, Babies and Beyond’ baby event was sponsored by Nuby, Kiddi Caru and Water Babies.


sponsors of Bumps, Babies, and Beyond Baby and Toddler Show - Nuby logo
Nuby logo

Paraphrased from Nuby UK website: Nuby was founded in the 1970’s and has been dedicated to providing high quality, innovative products that are inspired by nature and make the lives of babies and parents easier, simpler and more fun. Subsequently, their expertise covers all of the important and exciting stages that parents encounter when their baby develops and grows, therefore helping them to make important decisions along the journey of parenting.

I had the pleasure to speak to Zoe, the person who attends the regional shows for Nuby. She was very passionate about the brand and could easily speak about each product, whether displayed at the show or not. As a Nuby colleague, she gets to try out the products too, so her reviews are first-hand experience and not just because she works for them. If something isn’t quite right, consequently, she tells them and they change it, as they want their products to be perfect for all families.

Zoe explained that baby and toddler shows allow people to touch and experience the products that they may normally only see online. They get to talk to an expert about the products rather than a shop assistant selling lots of brands’ items. They see the personal side of a brand rather than a corporation, and that leads to parents feeling comfortable about exposing their children to the products. Furthermore, I felt like I could touch the products, and show the children for their opinion. Ava is a very independent toddler with her own opinion, so it is important she can express it, otherwise she just won’t use the product (if only we’d known that before we collected a cupboard full of baby items now forgotten about!)

Shows are also a great way to see new products or product types you didn’t know a brand stocked. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Nuby do a changing backpack. It is stylish and a lovely neutral colour, therefore Geoff said he would also be happy to carry it (bonus!). I also discovered Nuby’s beautiful blanket range with a variety of prints. I didn’t know they did blankets or the backpacks, so this isn’t something I would necessarily search for on their website, so a show is a great way to showcase these items. Zoe pointed out that regional shows give you more time to talk to the vendors/experts with less people also trying to see the products; however, big shows have more products on display, so both have their merits.

Gifted items for product review

Ava was kindly gifted this cup (see below); it is a great support for her as firstly, she is able to independently get her own drink at night, and, secondly, she can see what she is doing while drinking, as the cup lights up and allows Ava to see what she is doing at night. She also loves using it in the day time, and on days when she decides she doesn’t want to listen to my advice that she needs to drink more, this cup soon convinces her otherwise. Watch this space for our ‘easier meal times’ blog, which will feature this cup as well as other Nuby products, on which we have also collaborated with Nuby.

I look forward to meeting Nuby again at the NEC Baby Show. Watch this space for the accompanying pre-show blog post and post-show blog post.

Water Babies

Bumps, Babies, and Beyond Baby and Toddler Show Water Babies stall

Water Babies stall

Paraphrased from Water Babies’ website: Baby swimming with Water Babies is an exciting, enriching experience for both you and your little one. Not only does it teach vital life skills, but it also enhances the way babies and toddlers learn other skills too.

Water Babies is a nationwide business, and we had the pleasure of meeting Debi, the Peterborough representative. I love how dedicated the Water Babies team are in supporting children and adults in teaching this life long, important skill. In addition, the underwater picture of your baby swimming that you receive at the end of each age group stage is just amazing! Ava was pleased to receive a Peppa Pig book all about learning to swim (all money was going to a local charity) because she is obsessed with that pig! And Rafe was invited to a swimming session to trial Water Babies, therefore we can’t wait to try this out!

Kiddi Caru

Bumps, Babies, and Beyond Baby and Toddler Show Kiddi Caru stall
Kiddi Caru stall

Paraphrased from Kiddi Caru website: Kiddi Caru is an organisation committed to delivering outstanding childcare solutions to families with babies, toddlers and preschool children. Each nursery has been handpicked or purposefully designed to make sure the care, play and learning environment for your baby or child is exceptional.

I loved this stall, as did Ava. What could be better than a stall at a baby and toddler show that provides games and activities for the visiting babies and toddlers? It also showcased the activities that your child might expect if they attend that nursery. The nursery teachers interacted with Ava and supported her with her craft activity, and told my husband to relax for a bit (he definitely took them up on that offer) while I was chatting to the ladies about this blog post. If we lived nearer, I would be very happy for Ava to attend Peterborough’s branch of Kiddi Caru because I want to go too!

Other vendors at the Peterborough East of England ‘Bumps, Babies and Beyond’ baby event

Perfect Shot Photography

Photographs courtesy of Perfect Shot photography. All photos are subject to copyright.

Paraphrased from Perfect Shot’s website: I am passionate about offering you a premium bespoke photography service from the luxury of your home, and will create a stunning gallery with beautiful images of your babies and children that you will cherish and love for years to come. I have worked with children since 2011 and absolutely adore capturing the precious details of newborn babies in their first few weeks and quirky toddler ways in their first couple of years.

Having chatted with Laura at the show, it was very clear just how passionate she was about her job; therefore, I immediately asked if we could work together beyond this blog post, as I would love to have my children photographed by such a talented photographer. Laura is a member of BANPAS, an organisation that ensures safe practice when photographing newborns, so I know my children are in safe hands.

Laura also has a blog with some great reads, including some handy tips on how to introduce a big sister/brother to their new baby.

Laura’s has four unique sessions – newborn, children, cake smash and mini session. Each session is bespoke and in the comfort of your own home, so no dragging your kids to a studio. She sets up each shot to compliment your taste, your home, and most importantly, your child. Older children don’t miss out either, because their are tailored sessions just for them. You can even have a cake smash on your child’s birthday (with a cake included linked to any theme you want, including your child’s clothing or your décor) or you can smash something else! Fruit, doughnuts…and one that I’ve never seen before – a paint smash, where your child is even given a little easel – a painting you can cherish forever. The mini sessions are gorgeous photoshoots in a field of lavender or sunflowers allowing your children to be free and natural – so gorgeous. Please see her portfolio to see the body of her work.

Watch this space for future collaborations and more about Perfect Shot Photography in the near future.

Goodnight Solutions

Photographs courtesy of Goodnight Solutions

Paragraph from Rachel Greaves, Goodnight solutions: I am an accredited sleep practitioner, public health nurse and midwife. I provide sleep consultations to parents struggling with their child’s (of any age!) sleep.

I am passionate about this because the link between lack of sleep and depression and anxiety is well known, so I am now offering ‘TLC for new parents’ with an ad hoc maternity support service designed to help parents when they need it most. Therefore, I work using motivational interviewing, solution focused therapy and a ‘listening ear’ to support a parent to make changes which feel manageable and comfortable for them and to suit their parenting style.

Goodnight Solutions also offers affordable sleep and wellbeing support for small businesses.

Please see for more information.

Rachel also provides sleep support breaks at a nearby cottage, to either start your sleep teaching method straight away, or to enjoy a good nights sleep while Rachel supports your child. You can also stay there without your children to just have a healthy, relaxed break – healthy hen do anyone? And from July there will be an infrared sauna! Where do I sign up?!

It is very clear just how passionate Rachel is about her job; therefore, I immediately asked if we could work together beyond this blog post as I really believe in what she offers, so we are embarking on a sleep journey together to support Rafe – as he does not sleep, EVER!

Watch this space for future collaborations with Goodnight Solutions, including Rafe’s sleep journey blog.

Tiger Tots Messy Play

Paraphrased from Tiger Tots’ website: Sessions are aimed at giving children the freedom to explore different stations at their own pace, make as much mess as they want and have someone else clear it up.

Ava loved this stall because they had set up a huge messy play area with lots of different textures to explore and nothing for me to tidy up (bonus!). Rafe wasn’t quite old enough (they recommend 6 months) so he just looked on with envy. Ava would have played there all day if we hadn’t made her move on.

Go along to their ‘Let’s Get Messy’ event on the 15th June 9.30-11.30am at Dyke Village Hall, Bourne, PE10 0AF. See their Facebook for details.

Pictures courtesy of

Lolly Kids

Bumps, Babies, and Beyond Baby and Toddler Show Lolly Kids Stall
Lolly Kids stall

Paraphrased from Lolly Kids’ website: Your online shop for beautiful and fun accessories for your little ones.

This shop sells beautiful accessories for children, including novelty umbrellas, beautiful bags and backpacks, hair accessories and character raincoats.

Ava has a set of their handmade hair bows made from leather and glitter! What more could a girl want?! They are really well made and Ava loves wearing them because they come in her favourite colours, baby blue, pink, and glitter!

Bumps, Babies, and Beyond Baby and Toddler Show Ava modelling Lolly Kid's bows

Bumbles and Boo

Paraphrased from Bumbles and Boo social media/website: Bumbles and Boo sell beautiful baby gifts, keepsakes, and luxury new parent products.

Gifted items for product review

I had the pleasure of chatting with Emma, who was clearly very passionate about her shop. After discussing the horrors of teething and how Rafe’s hands are red raw because he constantly chews them, she kindly gifted us a teething glove and teething dummy holder (see here for Instagram post). The glove has been such an amazing teething item, it still allows Rafe to chew his ‘go to ‘teether’’ – his hand, but now he can use the rubber of the glove, and enjoy the sensory, crinkly material too. The dummy holder is also very clever, as he can choose between chewing the silicone or his dummy, and his dummy can’t go missing as it’s attached to his clothes!

Hello Fresh

Bumps, Babies, and Beyond Baby and Toddler Show hello fresh logo
hello fresh logo
Courtesy of

Paraphrased from Hello Fresh social media/website: Hello Fresh are the UK’s leading recipe box company because they provide step-by-step recipe cards and all the fresh ingredients you need for delicious dinners, delivered to your door.

You can choose from their classic box, which is bursting with choice, their family favourite or their rapid box for speedy suppers; just input the number of people in your household and how many boxes you want per week. There’s always a deal to be had too so have a look at their website now, or their social media for inspiration on what recipe to make next. I find Hello Fresh a great concept with kids because it lessens waste as the recipe and the ingredients are provided and we can choose as a family what recipes we want for the week. As I have mentioned above, Ava’s independent personality means this is perfect for her because she gets to give her own opinion, and help me cook the items, something she has recently discovered as one of her favourite things to do.

The Wishbone Collective

Bumps, Babies, and Beyond Baby and Toddler Show The Wishbone Collective stall

The Wishbone Collective stall

Paraphrased from Wishbone Collective’s social media/website: Their beautiful prints, accessories and gifts are designed by hand, made with love and are available for worldwide delivery.

I can certainly attest to that. Seeing these designs in real life (as oppose to online) made me appreciate just how beautiful they are and how talented the artist is. Ava’s room is woodland themed, as are many of the Wishbone Collective’s prints, so I was in danger of buying them all! The new alphabet print was stunning. Here is just one example of why going to regional shows is of great benefit, as you can discover artists and small businesses you didn’t know existed but you are so much for the better now you know about them. There is something so special about seeing the art and products first hand too, but it did make me want to re-plan the whole nursery, much to Geoff’s horror.

Baby sensory:

Bumps, Babies, and Beyond Baby and Toddler Show Baby sensory stall
Baby Sensory stall

Paragraph from Laura Hall, Baby Sensory, Peterborough: Baby Sensory is an award winning research based baby development programme.   Suitable form birth to 13 months, no two weeks are the same in the year long sensory rich programme.   Our activities help with the incredible brain development, which occurs in a baby’s first year, and include singing, signing, music, instruments, textures, visual sights, puppets, light shows, scents, textures, exercise, bonding and so much more.

Laura runs the Baby Sensory Peterborough classes, Baby Sensory franchises are throughout the UK and beyond, and are part of WOW World Group. Ava and Rafe both took part in a baby sensory class at the show and very much enjoyed it. Even though Ava is three, she loves anything that involves singing and instruments. Both Ava and Rafe have attended the Nottingham Baby Sensory class too, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Dolittle Dumplings

Bumps, Babies, and Beyond Baby and Toddler Show Dolittle Dumplings stall
Dolittle Dumplings stall

Paraphrased from Dolittle Dumplings’ website: Dolittle dumplings started about six years ago when they just made elephants and dinosaurs. They now experiment and love adding to their collection with suggestions from their customers. Each order is handmade with a lot of love. Have fun choosing your fabrics for your little dumplings’ new clothes.

I love shops where you can decide your own fabric, as it makes everything so much more unique. Ava loves it too, because if she’s not in a girly princess mood, she can have a skirt made with dinosaurs!


Bumps, Babies, and Beyond Baby and Toddler Show Hartbeeps stall
Hartbeeps stall

Paragraph from Kaffy, Hartbeeps, South Kesteven area (covers Grantham, Stamford and Bourne and neighbouring towns and villages: Hartbeeps award-winning classes for babies and toddlers feature fantastic music, puppets, dress-up, laughter and fun. We take you and your little one on a different sound journey every week, exploring real life from the safety of our beautiful sets. Above all, we set the scene, tell the story and make magic happen! Designed by experts, fuelled by magic, delivered with love!

I must admit that I had not heard of this before this show, but now I want to join! It sounds like great fun and right up Ava and Rafe’s street!

Murals and More

Bumps, Babies, and Beyond Baby and Toddler Show Murals and More stall
Murals and More stall

Paraphrased from Murals and More social media/website: Original cartoon murals, paintings, prints, cards and wooden keepsakes. If you want bespoke hand painted murals, cartoon style original art, unique family and dog portraits, one of a kind wooden painted animals or special hand painted gifts for children, for example, visit Murals and More.

This was another stall where I wanted to buy everything! Such a talented artist and beautiful gifts. Luckily, Ava was busy playing, as she would have wanted all of it too!

Mama Loves Natural

Bumps, Babies, and Beyond Baby and Toddler Show  Mama Loves Natural stall
Mama loves natural logo
Courtesy of

Paraphrased from Mama Loves Natural website: Mama loves Natural offer the highest quality natural products in superior quality packaging. Our violet glass bottles offer the unique ability to protect the sensitive contents against quality-lessening influences of light. The special lids also have UV violet properties. We have been in the birth industry for 14 years and support mothers in the birth they want

Dani Custom creations

Paraphrased from Dani Custom Creations social media: I create personalised scrapbooks, photo albums, greeting cards and shadowboxes.

I love personalised items, it make things so much more special. These items make such great gifts too. The personalised water bottles are my favourite; no one can steal mine at work again! In addition, the children’s ones had unicorns on them…shhhh…don’t tell Ava!

Light it or Lamp it

Bumps, Babies, and Beyond Baby and Toddler Show Light it or Lamp it stall
Light it or Lamp it stall

Paraphrased from Light It or Lamp It social media/website: We design handcrafted shades for your lights and lamps. Whatever your size or style requirements, from 15cm to 70cm, colourful, characterful, chic or children’s, Light It or Lamp It will have a shade to suit. If you don’t see your perfect match already waiting, just get in touch and we will start crafting a shade especially for you, here in our home for yours. We take custom made orders and are happy to work with customers to find their perfect fabric by sending photo samples.  They can also be made with wallpaper should they want a perfect match.  The shades can be posted and have even been sent as far as the Falklands!

I would love a fox lamp for Ava’s room and a bird lamp for Rafe’s nursery from this shop, as they are just stunning. Ashling is very talented. And how cool is the shop’s name?! I love a good pun.

Baby’s first calendar

Bumps, Babies, and Beyond Baby and Toddler Show My Baby's First Calendar
My Baby’s First Calendar

Paraphrased from Baby’s first calendar website: We produce our own beautifully designed and unique baby wall calendar.  We believe everything a baby does is special and deserves to be recorded and cherished for years to come.  With over 50 colourful stickers no moments/achievements during baby’s first year need ever be missed. We hope you love our calendar as much as we do!!! On our site, you will also find some lovely gifts for baby boys and baby girls from changing bags to baby scan photo frames and gifts for mummies too.  If you are looking for a newborn gift, we sell some wonderful products.

This is such a great concept. Basically as your baby does something for the first time, whether a big milestone like crawling or a little one, like sticking out their tongue, you can write it in the calendar to remember forever rather than forgetting to put it in their baby book. I hope they bring out a baby’s 2nd year calendar too.


Photos courtesy of

Paraphrased from Jingles’ social media: Elegant & stylish baby & children’s clothing & bedding available.

Such well made, beautiful clothing and bedding. I would happily dress Ava in it all. She loves girly things too, so she’d be forever looking in the mirror. I promise she doesn’t take after me! I just adore this coat; Ava would look just beautiful in it, as would any little girl. The bedding, blankets and shawls are so soft and cuddly that I could fall asleep in them, nevermind Rafe!

It was a pleasure seeing these items in real life, especially as you can currently only buy Jingles’ items on Instagram or Facebook, so to be able to see them at a show really made them come to life. I could feel them and see them up close, and know that I was buying quality for my children.

Sonaro Studios

Bumps, Babies, and Beyond Baby and Toddler Show sonara_studios_homepage_logo
Sonara Studios logo
Courtesy of

Paraphrased from Sonaro Studios’ website: At Sonara Studios, you will discover some very creative photography in a relaxed atmosphere. With more than 15 years’ experience, we are multinational award winning photographers in family, baby and wedding categories.

I had a lovely chat with the owners of Sonaro Studios, and took away some great tips on taking pictures of the children.


Bumps, Babies, and Beyond Baby and Toddler Show Bookworms stall
Bookworms stall

Paraphrased from Bookworms website: Bookworms was set up to help make books more affordable for children all over the UK. Originating in Derbyshire, the first Bookworm had to turn down events due to the diary being full of events or the events being too far away. More Bookworms were recruited and the savings were soon available to more parts of the UK.

This is such a good idea. As a teacher, I see so many children who struggle to read and say they don’t have any books at home. Books should be a staple in any child’s room, but, sadly, it isn’t always the case. Bookworms gives more people chance to buy books for their children no matter what price bracket they can afford.


Paraphrased from Smallprint website: Capturing precious memories forever. Fingerprint Jewellery. Handprint Jewellery. Footprint Jewellery. Handcrafted by Smallprint just for you!

This is such a beautiful idea; such precious gifts to save the memory of your child’s foot or fingerprints. My favourite item, and one that I’ve been waiting for Ava to be old enough to do, is the child’s drawing turned into a pendant. I can’t wait until I can get mine!

The summary of our day at Peterborough East of England ‘Bumps, Babies and Beyond’ event

Bumps, Babies and Beyond Baby and Toddler Event: Our real life review
Real life destination and product review for Peterborough Bumps, Babies and Beyond Baby and Toddler Event

In summary, the Peterborough ‘Bumps, Babies and Beyond’ event was a pleasure to blog about as we had such a lovely day shopping for my family and chatting to all of the lovely vendors in depth. As I’ve mentioned above, the great thing about regional shows is not only the ability to chat to the vendors for longer and to look at their items in more depth, but also to discover all of the small businesses in the area and being able to support them. It’s like we’ve discovered a secret that only a few people know about, but I hope, with this blog post and further collaborations with the Bumps, Babies and Beyond events and its vendors, I can help spread the word of such wonderful businesses.

Ava and Rafe had a great time too and very much thought it was family day out thanks to the event being really interactive with soft play area, the under-18 month play area and the messy play area.

Bumps, Babies, and Beyond Baby and Toddler Show under 18 months play area
Bumps, Babies and Beyond under 18 months play area

There was also a full demo programme of taster sessions, which Ava took full advantage of – these included:

  • Hartbeeps free taster session
  • Top tips for a goodnights sleep with Goodnight solutions
  • Baby Sensory free taster session
  • The Fenland Midwife advice on the first days at home
  • Birth pool demonstration with The Birth Partnership

Next years’ Peterborough event is on the 29th March 2020, again at the East of England show ground. We would love to see you there. Also, see here for all other Bumps, Babies and Beyond events:


And WATCH THIS SPACE for an Instagram competition to win tickets to your local Bumps, Babies and Beyond event, next year.

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